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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen

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I'm a wife, a mother to 2 kids, and I work for a local University.

I live on a 2.5 acre property just outside of Geelong in Victoria, Australia. We have a mob of about 50 kangaroos who live with us, so expect to see photos of them regularly. I love them and spend lots of time watching them.

I guess I came here originally to connect with other Stargate fans. I was late into the fandom, but I love that it still exists, especially the fandom that surrounds Joe Flanigan! I went to Chicon in 2013 and met some of the most wonderful people. I hope to go back again soon.

I like to create stuff - art, vids, sketches. I love to photograph things, and have recently bought my first DSLR camera and am learning to use it. I can't write to save myself and most of what I want to say stays in my head because of that reason.